Episode # 7 – Finding Your Unique Audience - Advisor Niche Marketing

by Kirk Lowe and Matt Halloran | ModMarketing

Advisor Niche Marketing

Finding Your Unique Audience – Matt and Kirk discuss some “filtering” questions you can ask yourself to help define who it is you both enjoy working with and are profitable. This sets the stage for making your marketing more relevant and then tees up receiving more ideal client introductions (referrals). When you define your advisor niche marketing, how you position your value, how you develop your practice and who you get introductions too all changes for the better.

Links noted in podcast:
Advanced Client Segmentation (Investment News): http://www.investmentnews.com/article/20140717/BLOG17/140719930
Mirror Mirror – by Leo Pusateri: http://www.amazon.ca/Mirror-Wall-Most-Valued-Them/dp/0971605602