Launch Your Financial Podcast

If you don’t already know, financial podcasting is on a fast upward trend. As an experienced financial marketer, I’ve seen the start of other trends and this one makes perfect sense for financial advisors to grow their financial practice. Is it time to launch your own financial podcast and claim your audience?

There are 3 massive indicators to me that financial advisor podcasting will take off:

  • Sales and marketing is about technology and content. It’s that simple. Advisors who don’t jump on board will be left behind in the coming decade. These days, your brand is expected to be different and better. You also need to prove your brand with expert content, and share your expertise to suit a specific audience (niche marketing).
  • Advisors don’t have the time, energy and/or writing skills to produce content regularly. Podcasting makes content creation easy and fun for advisors.
  • Financial Advisors who podcast are actually making money. The ones who stick with it, are well organized, have a clear brand and call-to-action, can engage listeners with more content. They use their podcast to expand their digital networks, turn it into other forms of sharable content, and share them feverishly via social media. They command attention and keep it.

Here are four financial podcasters who are all making great ROI.

P.S. I helped develop two of these podcast brands. Great advisors, great shows. It’s possible for you too. You just have to start.

If you’re worried about the cost, try recording a podcast session for free! You can try a new way of appealing to your prospects and clients without monetary risks. Schedule your free session today.

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